Wednesday, September 24, 2014

fixed plan....

(time is in each local time)
Oct 2  10:00 depart from my town for Narita (by express bus).  Arrive at Narita at 12:00
Oct 2  13:55 depart from Narita for Inch'on. 16:20 arrive at Inch'on.
Oct 2  19:25 depart from Inch'on for Nadi.
Oct 3  08:35 arrive at Nadi.  12:15 depart from Tenarau port fro Mana Island. (by boat)  13:30 arrive at Mana Island.
Oct 3 15:00 3D2YA start. 
Oct 8  18.00 QRT
Oct 9  10:25 depart from Mana Island for Tenarau port
Oct 10  09:55 depart from Nadi for Narita via Inch'on.  Arrive at Narita at 20:55.  Return home at 23:00.

1) Do not make a request spot on cluster.I do not check cluster.
2) Do not send me email during QRV. I do not check email.
3) QSO will be always welcomed if this QSO is new on Band/Mode. 

See you soon from South Pacific
73 de aki

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Logging program

I always use Logger32 as logging program.  This is layout of Logger32.

My favourite mode is CW. I use microHAM CWKeyer as CAT/Winkey interface.The layout for pedetion is very simple. Following windows are positioned on small display.

a. Logbook entry window
b. Logbook page window
c. Previously QSOs window
d. CW machine (Winkey mode)
some macro for sending CW message
e. RCP (Radio Control Panel)
some macro for frequency change (CW, SSB and Digital), Split ON/OFF, Tune ON/OFF, Voice message ON/OFF (for KX3 transceiver)
f. HamCap (normaly closed)
g. DupeCheck utility
h. Soundcard data window (Digital mode)

I am checking Logger32 together with KX3/KXPA100 and CWKeyer.

73 de aki

Sunday, September 14, 2014

3D2YA will be on air soon from Mana Island (OC-121)

QTH: Mana Island, Mamanuca group, Fiji  IOTA OC-121
Schedule: 2014/10/3 - 10/9
Band: 30m to 10m  on IOTA frequency
Mode: Mostly in CW  SSB/Digital if possible
Transceiver: KX3/KXPA100 100W
Antenna: Bravo-5 Vertical Dipole and HFp-Vertival

QSL: Log will be uploaded on LoTW after return. You have following options.
 a. SASE   ($2.00)
 b. OQRS Direct $3.00)  Your QSL NOT needed
 c. OQRS Buro  Your QSL NOT needed

Online Log: Log will be uploaded on ClubLog daily if possible, otherwise after return.

Look at my web page for 3D2YA_2014 also.
Stay tuned on this Blog for the latest news.

73 de aki