Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Logging program

I always use Logger32 as logging program.  This is layout of Logger32.

My favourite mode is CW. I use microHAM CWKeyer as CAT/Winkey interface.The layout for pedetion is very simple. Following windows are positioned on small display.

a. Logbook entry window
b. Logbook page window
c. Previously QSOs window
d. CW machine (Winkey mode)
some macro for sending CW message
e. RCP (Radio Control Panel)
some macro for frequency change (CW, SSB and Digital), Split ON/OFF, Tune ON/OFF, Voice message ON/OFF (for KX3 transceiver)
f. HamCap (normaly closed)
g. DupeCheck utility
h. Soundcard data window (Digital mode)

I am checking Logger32 together with KX3/KXPA100 and CWKeyer.

73 de aki

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