Wednesday, September 24, 2014

fixed plan....

(time is in each local time)
Oct 2  10:00 depart from my town for Narita (by express bus).  Arrive at Narita at 12:00
Oct 2  13:55 depart from Narita for Inch'on. 16:20 arrive at Inch'on.
Oct 2  19:25 depart from Inch'on for Nadi.
Oct 3  08:35 arrive at Nadi.  12:15 depart from Tenarau port fro Mana Island. (by boat)  13:30 arrive at Mana Island.
Oct 3 15:00 3D2YA start. 
Oct 8  18.00 QRT
Oct 9  10:25 depart from Mana Island for Tenarau port
Oct 10  09:55 depart from Nadi for Narita via Inch'on.  Arrive at Narita at 20:55.  Return home at 23:00.

1) Do not make a request spot on cluster.I do not check cluster.
2) Do not send me email during QRV. I do not check email.
3) QSO will be always welcomed if this QSO is new on Band/Mode. 

See you soon from South Pacific
73 de aki


Javier Bermejo said...

Good trip and I hope the propagation help for to make a QSO in this trip. I wish you happy days in Papua.

73 Javi

ja1nlx said...


Have you ever worked/heard P29VCX and P29NI ?
I will operate not only CW but SSB/Digital this time if condx is good.
I will look for you from South Pacific.

73 de aki